The Smart Boiler Program

What We Do For Your Facility:

Regulation Compliance

  • BAAQMD-badge-finalProvide boiler solution to meet new emission requirements
    • Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) requires > 2-10mmbu/hr boilers to meet emissions per Reg 9, Rule 7
    • 66% of devices at a single facility must be compliant by January 1, 2014

Energy Efficiency

  • Conduct a comprehensive feasibility study
    • Thermal, Mechanical, Lighting and renewables
  • Propose Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
    • Upgrade to leading edge technology and equipment
    • Implement intelligent system design & optimize current settings

Monitoring and Control

  • Monitor performance and efficiency of all equipment through computerized Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Simple dashboard template allows site managers to monitor and control from anywhere remotely
  • Predict Equipment failure

What Benefits Your Facility Receives:

Efficient CAMUS Boiler

New Premium Boiler System

  • Camus condensing boilers offer superior efficiency – 95%
  • Monitoring and controls programmed to optimize responsiveness to facility demand

Cost Savings

  • Implementation of ECMs can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Perform utility grade pre and post energy calculations to quantify financial benefit

Energy Financing

  • Flexible financing options
  • Equipment lease – utilize energy cost savings to pay for the efficient equipment retrofit
      • $0 down options and no impact on capital improvement budget


Questions? Contact Scott at Energy Industries Corporation:
+1 626 485-4184