Kahala Nui senior living to save $273k from Energy Industries LLC upgrades

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Kahala Nui in Honolulu has paired up with Hawaii-based Energy Industries LLC to install energy efficient upgrades to its senior living facilities.

The Waialae-Kahala retirement community, which houses 450 seniors in private apartments for independent living as well assisted living, is pursuing four key improvements identified by Energy Industries estimated to save around $273,000 per year, the nonprofit said in a statement. Energy Industries will install a carbon monoxide monitoring system in the parking garage to control exhaust fans, a heat pump to produce hot water from heat generated by air-conditioning chillers and replace old light bulbs in the garage and common areas with LED fixtures.

“The investments we have made in technologies that reduce energy consumption are not only good for our environment but have also saved us money,” President and CEO Pat Duarte said in a statement. “Although our investments were significant, they will pay for themselves in a very short period of time.”

In addition, the residents of the senior living community have formed a “green committee” to oversee a new recycling program. In partnership with various community organizations,Kahala Nui recycles its green waste for mulch and compost for local farms, kitchen waste for livestock feed, dryer oil for biodiesel fuel, and other waste-to-generate electricity for Oahu through the city’s H-Power plant.

“It has been exciting working with Kahala Nui because they have taken a proactive, educated and responsible approach to controlling and managing their utility cost,” Energy Industries President and COO Duane Ashimine said in a statement. “The significant savings from these energy projects will continue every year, providing long term benefits for their residents and the environment.”

Energy Industries also shared plans recently to install $5.8 million in energy-efficient upgrades to the nonprofit hospital Kuakini Medical Centeras PBN recently reported.