Energy$mart EDGE

Energy Industries, LLC. a national provider of energy services that focus on efficiency, generation and renewable energy proudly announces the Energy$mart™ EDGE™. “We estimate that in 2005 alone over 5 million dollars could have been captured by businesses for their energy efficiency projects. These dollars are in the form of utility rebates, tax credits and government grants, yet they were left on the table by US businesses.” said Brian Kealoha, Energy$mart™ Program Administrator. “The Energy$mart™ EDGE™ is designed to help businesses capture these dollars by handling all of the administration. We tap into this hidden cash stream and help our customers make money by saving energy!”

The Energy$mart™ EDGE™ is a national program that assists customers who are planning, implementing or recently completed energy efficiency upgrades. The program is based on a success model so there’s no risk on the part of the customer. “The Energy$mart™ EDGE™ is a good example of how customers can MAKE money by saving energy. We are happy to extend this valued added service to our customers and continue to seek ways to help customers become more profitable.” said Darren T. Kimura, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Industries.

About Energy$mart™ Program.

The Energy$mart™ Program was created in 2001 by a utility commission to help market demand side management programs. Through the success of its work, the Energy$mart™ team developed information solutions helping identify customer side incentives, in some cases getting rebates to cover over 80% of the project cost. Visit for more information.

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