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Honolulu, Hawai`i  (April 24, 2013) — Commercial photovoltaic (PV) and energy-efficiency company, Energy Industries, LLC, announced that it will begin offering residential PV services to homeowners in Hawai`i.  Best known for its conservation and renewable energy programs for businesses and institutions, the company plans to install high-quality SunPower solar modules—considered to be the most powerful PV panels commercially available—on single-family homes.

“Hawai`i businesses have trusted Energy Industries to maximize their energy saving and renewable energy opportunities for almost 20 years.  Now, homeowners can also rely on Energy Industries to deliver excellent solar energy systems for their residences,” said Miles Kubo, executive vice president and COO of Energy Industries.  According to Kubo, the company has added sales and support staff for the residential activity and is immediately available to assist customers on O`ahu seeking to install PV before legislative changes are made to investment tax credits.

Energy Industries has been installing PV systems for island businesses since 2008.  Some of the company’s installations include a 170-kilowatt array for the Bishop Museum, a 180-kilowatt array for Menehune Water, and a 710-kilowatt array for the new FBI Honolulu Field Office in Kapolei.   The company has also installed numerous PV systems for nonprofit organizations using power purchase agreements and operating lease financing.  The residential PV program is the first time that the company has formally provided its services to the homeowner market.

Energy Industries is offering homeowners SunPower’s newly released all-black X21 solar panel, which is the most efficient in converting sunlight into electricity. “By using SunPower panels, homeowners can be assured that each system will produce power as expected over a 25-year period,” said Energy Industries chief technology officer Duane Ashimine.   “SunPower is the only panel manufacturer we know that offers 25-year warranties for both its product and output, and they will cover costs for labor and shipping of replacement panels.  As a result, SunPower is the only PV panel we recommend to our residential customers.”

According to Kubo, to help homeowners that might need financial assistance, Energy Industries offers a SunPower leasing option that will allow users to pay for PV equipment over time.  The leases are particularly good for residents living on fixed incomes and do not need tax credits.  The long-term lease program will help insulate these consumers from steadily increasing utility grid electricity rates.

“Choosing solar power will continue to make economic sense, even if state tax credits are reduced,” said Kubo.  “After all, we still have the highest utility rates in the nation and abundant sunshine year round.”

Hawai`i-based Energy Industries LLC was founded in 1994 and currently employs over 100 people in Hawai`i, California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  A full-service company that take a holistic approach in energy management, it is a one-stop-shop for businesses, nonprofits and homeowners actively seeking to reduce energy consumption or generate renewable energy.