Founded in 1994 we are one of the oldest and most experienced energy efficiency companies in the USA.  We are owned by VWI a Hawaii clean energy holdings company.

What we do

Energy Industries Corporation is an energy efficiency services provider.  We offer energy services to commercial and industrial building operators to help them reduce energy consumption and save money by saving energy and we provide financing so the end customers can achieve their energy goals with no money down.

Our Focus

We are experts in solar, lighting and building mechanical systems.  These areas deliver the biggest opportunity for our customers and over our +20 year history we have demonstrated our value in combining these energy solutions into a single, comprehensive offering. This unlocks the maximum energy savings potential for our customers which ultimately means the fastest return on investment.

Our Footprint

We operate across the entire country for national organizations and maintain a physical presence throughout the West Coast.  In the Pacific Northwest and California we offer our thermal energy and lighting services. In Hawaii we offer our lighting, thermal energy and solar photovoltaic energy services.

Why Energy Industries Corporation?

With +20 years of experience, we have developed an incredibly positive reputation for achieving our energy savings.   Why trust your energy plan to anyone else?  Give us the opportunity to prove our value to you and your business or home by contacting us today.