August 23, 2006 – Kimura, Kealoha and Kubo featured at Hawaii Energy Policy Forum’s “Executive Energy Briefing 2006”

Executive Energy Briefing

Learn how to lead your company in the new energy era…

8/23/2006 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
The Plaza Club

As one of the prominent leaders in Hawaii’s economic landscape, you are cordially invited to join the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum at its 2006 “Energy Briefing.”  This event is by invitation only as our goal is to help Hawaii’s most influential individuals lead their organizations into an energy efficient future.

At the event we’ll be introducing the new “Energy by Example” program and will select one of the attendees to receive a $20,000 energy assessment on their business — free of charge — as our commitment to moving Hawaii to smarter energy efficient businesses.  We’ll cover the details at the event.

Who should attend?
Hawaii’s top executives in business, non-profit, and the government sectors.

Proposed Agenda

7:30 AM – Breakfast Reception

7:50 AM – Introduction by Darren T. Kimura

8:00 AM – Energy Economics by Miles Kubo

8:20 AM –  The Ohana Malia Energy Upgrade

8:30 AM – The Hawaiian Host Energy Upgrade by Dennis Teranishi

8:40 AM – Hawaiian Electric double rebates by Dave Waller

8:50 AM – “Energy by Example” Program  by Darren T. Kimura

About the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum
The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum is comprised of representatives from the electric utilities, oil and natural gas suppliers, environmental and community groups, renewable energy industry, academia, and federal, state and local government – all committed to a preferred energy vision for Hawaii of achieving “Smart energy solutions to sustain a healthy prosperous, and secure Hawaii.”  The Forum is jointly administered by the Social Sciences Public Policy Center at the University of Hawaii Manoa and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH).